C H A P T E R  9


What To Do If You Have Lost The Password to Your System Controller


If you lose your password to the System Controller, do the following:

1. Remove and then re-insert one of the power supplies.

2. Within five minutes of re-inserting the power supply, set up a serial connection to the SSC containing the active System Controller and log in as user admin.

For information about setting up a serial connection to the SSC, see the Sun Fire B1600 Blade System Chassis Hardware Installation Guide.

To log in, type the default user name admin and when prompted for a password, press [ENTER].:

username: admin
password: [ENTER]

3. At the sc> prompt, set a new password for the default user (admin).

To set a new password for user admin, type:

Enter new password:*****
Enter new password again: *****
New password set for user admin successfully

The password you specify can be up to eight characters long. It must begin with an alphabetic character, and it must contain at least one lower-case alphabetic character. You can use any of the following characters in the password:

4. Set up a new user name and password for yourself.

To do this, follow the instructions in Chapter 3 of this manual.