SunScreen EFS Release 3.0 Release Notes

Known Problems in SunScreen EFS 3.0

The following are problems known in SunScreen EFS 3.0. They include workarounds as available.

ARP Responses Cannot Get From the Administrative Interface To the Stealth Interface (4257738)

Synopsis: Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) responses cannot get from the Administrative interface to the stealth interface with a QFE card if the two interfaces are on the same network and the remote Administration station is outside the EFS stealth protected network.

Description: This problem is caused by a feature of the QFE card. If you use the QFE card, the ethernet address is the same for the ADMIN and SPF ports. Packets are ignored by the QFE card when the source ethernet address is the same as itself.

Workaround: In Openboot PROM, set the local-mac-address variable to true. Type:

ok setenv local-mac-address? true

Online Help and Documentation Is Not Displayed in Netscape Browser When Using the Plugin (4258953)

Synopsis: The Help buttons and Documentation banner do not display the online Help and online documentation respectively if you use the plugin.

Description: The following error message is displayed:

Error 404: Not Found The requested URL "/plugin/htmldocs/fr/DocIndex.html" was not found on this server. The link you followed is either outdated, inaccurate, or the server has been instructed not to let you have it. The URL displayed is: http://localhost:3852/plugin/htmldocs/en_US/DocIndex.html

Workaround: To work around this problem:

  1. Select the Documentation banner or one of the Help buttons.

  2. Modify the URL by removing the plugin directory. For example, the following URL is used to display the on-line Documentation:


Error Message When Activating HA Stealth Configuration (4252244)

Synopsis: When you activate the configuration for High Availability (HA) in stealth mode, the console displays a list of error messages.

Description: The console displays the following error messages:

HA in Stealth mode worked fine, but when activating the configuration the first time after setting up, there are the following error messages on the console:
qfe2: screen module pushed
qfe3: screen module pushed
Original ether addr: 8:0:20:9d:c7:be.
Setting new enter addr: 8:0:20:9e:e0:66.
: No such device or address
Jun 18 19:47:59 u5 ss_had[1291]: Error: SIOCGIFFLAGS
Jun 18 19:47:59 u5 ss_had[1291]: Error: No such device
 or address
: No such device or address
Jun 18 19:48:00 u5 ss_had[1291]: Error: SIOCGIFFLAGS
Jun 18 19:48:00 u5 ss_had[1291]: Error: No such device
 or address
Error: setting ethernet address
EFS HA host entering PASSIVE mode.
High Availability daemon started 

Workaround: You can disregard these messages; the Screen functions correctly.

VPN Column Label Gets Renamed (4246917)

Synopsis: On the VPN tab of the Administration GUI, the column label "Name" can be renamed.

Description: If the blue table heading is highlighted in the VPN tab and you perform the procedure to rename a VPN, the column label "Name" is renamed.

Workaround: The blue table heading should not be highlighted when changing the name.