SunScreen EFS Release 3.0 Release Notes

SunScreen SKIP 1.5

The following information is the release note for SunScreen SKIP 1.5. This section contains information that was not available when SunScreen SKIP 1.5 documents were printed.

What is New in This Release

SunScreen SKIP 1.5 Revision B contains fixes for internationalization bugs and is functionally identical to SKIP 1.5. The following fixes were made for this release:

SKIP Manuals on Product CD

This release contains HTML and PDF versions of the SunScreen SKIP User's Guide at the following location:

HTML Version - /docs/html/*

PDF Version - /docs/SKIP_UG.pdf

Upgrading to SKIP V1.5B

The following information applies when upgrading to SunScreen SKIP 1.5B from earlier versions of the product.

Preserving Configuration Files

If you are upgrading from a previous release of SKIP to SKIP 1.5, be aware that you are limited as to the configuration files you can preserve. At the present time, you cannot use an acl.<interface_name> file from a previous version of SKIP as it will contain incorrect commands.

Documentation Error

The "Upgrading From Earlier SKIP Versions" instructions in the User's Guide for SKIP1.5 RevB are not correct if you are upgrading from SKIP 1.5. They tell you to remove any version of SKIP for Solaris, by finding packages using this command:

pkginfo | grep SICG

As of SKIP 1.5, there are no more SICG packages. Therefore the correct command in this instance would be:

pkginfo | grep -i

Upgrading Cryptography Modules

The following table provides information about the packages you need if you want to add additional cryptography modules to your configuration. For example, SunScreen EFS 3.0 ships with the Global version of SKIP which only contains the RC2 and RC4(x) Crypto modules. To add additional modules, for example DES, you must take some care to install only the packages you need. Please see the following table for more information.

Note -

The End System SKIP modules (SUNWes and SUNWesx) should not be added to a SunScreen EFS 3.0 screen.

Table 1-1 SKIP Crypto Upgrades

If you have the Global version... 

Add these packages to upgrade to the Export Controlled version... 

Add these packages to upgrade to the Domestic version... 


SUNWkusup SKIP U-Support module 

SUNWkdsup SKIP D-Support module 


SUNWdes SKIP DES Crypto Module  

SUNWdes SKIP DES Crypto Module  


SUNWdesx SKIP DES Crypto Module (64-bit) 

SUNWdesx SKIP DES Crypto Module (64-bit)  



SUNW3des SKIP 3DES Crypto Module 



SUNW3desx SKIP 3DES Crypto Module (64-bit)  



SUNWrc4s SKIP RC4-128 Crypto Module  



SUNWrc4sx SKIP RC4-128 Crypto Module (64-bit)  



SUNWsafe SKIP SAFER Crypto Module 



SUNWsafex SKIP SAFER Crypto Module (64-bit)