SunScreen 3.1 Administration Guide

Removing HA

Removing HA involves removing both software and hardware. Simply disabling the HA configuration is insufficient and is only one part of the process. Because there is more than one Screen that has the same IP address on the network, simply disabling HA leaves two or more HA Screens on the network that are trying to route the same traffic. This would disrupt the network traffic through the Screens.

You should remove the HA hosts one at a time to reduce the chances of disrupting the network. If you remove the active HA host, you could lose some connections. If you are removing a passive HA host, no connections will be lost. You should, therefore, remove the passive HA host or hosts first to avoid losing connections.

If you must remove the active HA host, find out if any connections may be lost by running the following command on the active HA host that you want to remove and on the passive HA host that will become the active HA host after you remove the active HA host.

If the statetables are in an acceptable level of synchronization, you can proceed to remove the active HA host.