SunScreen 3.1 Administration Guide

Telnet Proxy Service Without Proxy User Authentication

The following information is used in this example:

To Set Up the SunScreen Environment
  1. Type the following to make sure the backend Telnet Server is accessible:

    ping -s BackendServer

  2. Add an entry in the /etc/hosts file, if it is accessible.For example: BackendServer

To Configure the Telnet Proxy Service
  1. Create a new Service for the Telnet proxy service:

    1. Log in to the administration GUI.

    2. On the Policies List page, select the policy and click the Edit... button.

      The Policy Rules page appears.

    3. In the Common Objects section, select Service from the Type choice list.

    4. Click New Single... from the Add New choice list.

      The Service dialog window appears.

    5. Type the name for this new service in the Name field, for example:


    6. Click the Add Filter button and select tcp.

    7. Click the field under Port, and type 23.

    8. Click the OK button.

      Note -

      There is no need to create an Authorized User.

  2. Create the Proxy User:

    1. In the Common Objects section, select Proxy User from the Type choice list.

    2. Select New Single... from the Add New choice list.

      The Proxy User dialog window appears.

    3. Type a name for this Proxy User in the Name field, for example:


    4. Click the User Enabled check-box.

    5. Leave the Authorized User Name field empty.

    6. Type a name in the Backend User Name field, for example:


    7. Click the OK button.

  3. Create a Policy Rule:

    1. Click the Add New... button in the Policy Rules area of the Policy Rules page.

      The Rule Definition dialog window appears.

    2. Edit each field as follows by clicking the down arrow to display the choice list.

      • Service: proxy_TELNET

      • Source Address: *

      • Destination Address: *

      • Action: ALLOW

      • PROXY list: PROXY_TELNET.

  4. Save the changes:

    1. Click the Verify Policy button.

    2. Click the Save Changes button.

  5. Test the Telnet Proxy Service

    From the Client Machine:

    1. Make sure the physical connections are good.

    2. Make sure the client machine can access SunScreen Proxy Server:

      ping -s qa22-efs-hme1

    3. Test the Telnet proxy service:

      • Command issued: telnet qa22-efs-hme1

      • Username@Hostname: pu3@BackendServer

      • Password: Press the Return key

    Example B-2

    tiny# telnet qa22-efs-hme1
    Connected to qa22-efs-hme1.
    Escape character is "^]".
    SunScreen Telnet Proxy Version 3.0
    Username@Hostname: pu3@BackendServer
    Password:       <press return> 
    Trying BackendServer ( ...
    Connected to BackendServer
    SunOS 5.6
    login: BkEndUsrName