SunScreen 3.1 Administration Guide

If This is the First Remote Administration Station (Screen Installed With Local Administration Only)

You need to create a certificate and admin certificate group before you add the remote Administration Station certificate. The following section explains how to accomplish this task.

To Set Up the Screen to Use the New Remote Administration Station

Perform the following steps:

  1. Generate a certificate for the Screen (see "To Generate Screen Certificates" on page 87).

  2. Add the certificate from Remote Administration Station to the Screen (see "To Associate Certificate IDs" on page 91).

  3. Add a certificate group named admin with the Administration Station certificate as a member of this group (see "To Add a Certificate Group" on page 93).

  4. Add an Administrative Access rule for Remote Administration using the admin user, admin certificate group, and encryption parameters that match those of the Remote Administration station (see "To Add an Administrative Access Rule for Remote Administration" on page 87).

  5. Save and activate the policy.

To Inform the Screen About the New Remote Administration Station

After installing the SunScreen administration software and certificates, follow the steps below to inform the Screen about the new remote administration station.

  1. From the Common Objects panel, select Certificate in the Type choice list.

  2. Select Associate MKID from the Add New choice list.

    The Certificate dialog window appears.

    Figure 9-1 Certificate Dialog Window


  3. Type a name for the new remote administration station in the Name field.

  4. Type the certificate number of the new remote administration station in the Certificate ID field.

    The Certificate ID begins with 0x.

  5. Click the OK button.

  6. Click on the Administrative Access tab in the Policy Rules area.

    The Administrative Access area appears.

  7. Select the Access Rules for Remote Administration table by highlighting the No. field next to the rule.

  8. Click the Edit... button below the Access Rules for Remote Administration table.

    The Remote Access Rules dialog window appears. Note the name in the Certificate Group field. In the following steps, you must add the certificate of the new remote Administration Station to this group.

  9. Click the Cancel button.

  10. Select Certificate in the Type choice list.

  11. Click the Search button.

  12. Select the Certificate Group name in the Results field that was displayed in the Certificate Group field of the Remote Access Rules dialog window, in Steps one through five.

  13. Click the Edit button.

    The Certificate dialog window appears.

  14. Select the certificate you created in Step 3 from the Available Certificates field.

  15. Click the Add>> button.

  16. Click the OK button.

  17. Save and Activate the policy.