SunScreen 3.1 Lite Installation Guide

Deciding on Your Initial Security Level

You must determine your initial level of security. You have three possible security levels from which to choose. Each security level corresponds to a different set of network services permitted to, from, and through the Screen. If you are in doubt about which security level to select for the Initial configuration, use a more permissive security mode. You can always reconfigure it to be more secure by changing the rules using the administration GUI.

Note -

If you only install the Core distribution of the Solaris software, you will either have to change your DISPLAY variable for using the installer wizard to a machine with a windowing system or install using the command-line installation procedure described in "Command Line Installation."

Security Levels

The security levels are:

Naming Services

You must also choose which naming service to use. You may choose one (NIS or DNS), both (NIS and DNS), or no naming service. Selection of NIS, DNS, or both NIS and DNS allows the name service packets to pass to the Screen. To use a local host file, deselect both services.