SunScreen 3.1 Lite Installation Guide

Chapter 5 Removing SunScreen

This chapter explains how to remove the SunScreen software.

To Remove SunScreen

  1. Use pkgrm to remove the software packages originally installed on the machine. See "To Install the Software on the Administration Station" or "To Install the Screen" for a list of the software packages to remove.

  2. To remove the configurations and log files, you must remove these files:

    • /var/opt/SUNWicg and its descendants, which contains the SunScreen packet logfiles.

    • /etc/opt/SUNWicg and its descendants, which contains the SunScreen configurations and policies.

    • /etc/skip and its descendants, which contains the SKIP keys and certificates.

      Note -

      These three sets of files are not removed as part of the pkgrm command. Therefore, you must remove these files manually, if you are done with them.

    If you do not remove these files and reinstall the software, the old configurations and rules are retained, in addition to the Initial policy. You may end up with unwanted duplicates. You can delete these using the administration GUI.

    If you do not remove the old SKIP keys and certificates, when the software is reinstalled multiple Screen identities will be created. To remove the SKIP identities completely, read more about skiplocal and skipdb in the SunScreen SKIP 1.5.1 User's Guide.