SunScreen 3.1 Lite Installation Guide

Appendix B Upgrading Cryptography Modules

By default, SunScreen 3.1 Lite comes with the Global version of SunScreen SKIP, which contains the RC2 , RC4(x), and DES(x) cryptography modules and key lengths up to 1028 bits. To add additional modules (for example 3DES) and support for greater key lengths (up to 4096 bits), you must add packages from the SunScreen Domestic release CD. Use the following table when you want to add additional cryptography modules to your SKIP configuration.

Note -

You must take care to install only the packages you need. The End System SKIP modules (SUNWes and SUNWesx) should not be added to a Screen.

To Install SKIP Upgrades

If you have a Global version of SKIP and you want to upgrade to the Domestic Use Only version, use pkgadd to install these packages from the Domestic SKIP CD-ROM.

    After you install a SKIP upgrade, reboot by typing:

    # sync; init 6