SunScreen 3.1 Lite Installation Guide

Browsers With Local File Access

The following Web browsers support local file access using the required Java Plug-in.

SunScreen 3.1 Lite provides the required Java plug-in (version 1.1.2) as part of its distribution. The plug-in is located in the directory javaplugins.To install it, see the following plug-in installation instructions.

To Install the Required Java Plug-In
  1. Ensure that the SunScreen 3.1 CD-ROM is inserted in the CD-ROM drive.

  2. Navigate down the SunScreen 3.1 directory structure to the plug-in location.

  3. Install the Java plug-in by typing:

    "% cp /tmp ""% cd /tmp ""% sh"

  4. Save the identitydb.obj file by typing:

    "% cd /opt/SUNWicg/SunScreen/admin/htdocs/plugin/plugins/""% cp identitydb.obj $HOME""% cd"

  5. Set the environment variable if using sh or ksh by typing:

    "$ NPX_PLUGIN_PATH=$HOME/.netscape/plugins:$NPX_PLUGIN_PATH""$ export NPX_PLUGIN_PATH""or if using csh:""% setenv NPX_PLUGIN_PATH $HOME/.netscape/plugins:$NPX_PLUGIN_PATH"

  6. Run the Netscape browser and use the URL for the plug-in version of the SunScreen 3.1 administration GUI:

     % netscape http://localhost:3852/plugin &