SunScreen 3.1 Lite Installation Guide

What Is Next?

Now you need to install the SunScreen 3.1 Lite software on the Screen as described in "Installing the Software on the Screen."

To Install an Issued Certificate

To do this procedure, you will need the Key and Certificate diskette.

  1. Open a terminal window on the Administration Station and become root.

  2. Create the required SKIP directories by typing:

    # skiplocal -i

  3. Insert the Key and Certificate diskette into the Administration Station's diskette drive.

  4. Mount the diskette by typing:

    # volcheck

  5. Install the SKIP keys by typing:

    # install_skip_keys -icg /floppy/floppy0

  6. Start the SKIP daemon by typing:

    # skipd_restart

  7. Eject the Key and Certificate diskette by typing:

    # eject floppy0

  8. Write down the certificate ID, which is eight characters long.

  9. Add SKIP to all the interfaces by typing:

    # skipif -a

  10. Reboot the Administration Station to complete the installation by entering:

    # sync; init 6