SunScreen 3.2 Installation Guide

Managing Your Firewall

To manage your Screen, use the administration GUI on the remote Administration Station.

Note -

There is a predefined rule to allow encrypted administration traffic between the Screen and the Administration Station. Thus, no other communication (like ping or telnet) is allowed between the two systems until you specifically define a rule to allow such a service. See the SunScreen 3.2 Administration Guide for instructions on defining rules.

To Launch the Administration GUI
  1. To configure and manage your Screen, open a Java-enabled Web browser and launch the administration GUI by typing the following URL:


    The administration GUI appears.

    Note -

    When trying to launch the administration GUI, if you encounter the error: The requested item could not be loaded by the proxy, you must disable proxy usage by specifying localhost in the Don't Proxy list, and then try to launch the GUI again.

  2. To login, type the following default user name and password, then click Login:

    User Name: admin
    Password: admin

Note -

Change your default User Name and Password to something more secure.

See the SunScreen 3.2 Administration Guide for further instructions on using the administration GUI to configure and manage your Screen.