ChorusOS 4.0 Introduction

Development Lifecycle

This section provides an overview of the stages in using Sun Embedded Workshop to develop an application or system. It provides a high-level summary of the tasks described later in this book and elsewhere in the documentation set.

Installing Sun Embedded Workshop

Installing the Development Environment

The ChorusOS 4.0 Installation Guide explains how to download and install Sun Embedded Workshop.

When the installation is complete, you have all the binary components required to build an instance of the ChorusOS operating system. To create a system image, follow the instructions in the appropriate ChorusOS 4.0 Target Family Documentation Collection.

Installing a Boot Server

A boot server is a system that provides an instance of the ChorusOS operating system for downloading to target systems. A boot server is useful if you download the same image to many targets. To install an instance of the ChorusOS operating system on a boot server, follow the instructions in the ChorusOS 4.0 Installation Guide. Note that the system where you installed the development environment can be used as a boot server.

Installing on a Target System

When you have created the instance of the ChorusOS operating system you require, and built a system image, you need to install it on the target system. There are several ways to do this, including:

Developing an Application

Configuring the System

When you develop an application, you must make sure that the instance of the ChorusOS operating system that the application will run on contains the optional components your application requires. For example, if your application uses semaphores, you must include the SEM option. See "Optional Operating System Services" for information about optional components of the ChorusOS operating system. See Chapter 3, Configuring and Tuning for information about configuring the ChorusOS operating system to include the components you require.

Writing an Application

Chapter 4, Programming Overview gives a summary of how to use Sun Embedded Workshop to create an application, including the following information:

Chapter 10, System and Application Debugging explains how to debug your application.


When your application is written, you can create a performance profile for it, to check for possible performance improvements. Creating a performance profile will help you to optimize the application's use of the ChorusOS operating system. See Chapter 11, Performance Profiling for more information.

Developing a System

Information about advanced programming topics is not provided in this book.