ChorusOS 4.0 Introduction

Input/Output Management

When actors use the ChorusOS Console Input/Output API, all I/O operations (such as printf() and scanf()) will be directed to the system console of the target. Note that in the basic environment this API is the only one available.

If an actor uses the ChorusOS POSIX Input/Output API and is spawned from the host with rsh, the standard input and output of the application will be inherited from the rsh program and sent to the terminal emulator on the host on which the rsh command was issued.

In fact, the API is the same in both cases, but the POSIX API uses a different file descriptor.

Any extended actor has access to two special files /dev/console and /dev/null. /dev/console always refers to the system console of the target.

Note that select(2POSIX), stat(2POSIX), and fstat(2POSIX) are not supported on the /dev/console and /dev/null devices, and there is no tty line discipline management for these devices.