ChorusOS 4.0 Introduction

Actor Management


The ACTOR_EXTENDED_MNGT feature provides extended management functions for actors, including dynamic loading and control of actors. This feature also provides the underlying support for more advanced features such as support of dynamically loadable libraries (DYNAMIC_LIB) and uncompression of actors or libraries at load time (GZ_FILE).

For more details, see ACTOR_EXTENDED_MNGT(5FEA).


This feature provides support for unprivileged actors, running in separate virtual user address spaces (when available).

USER_MODE is used in all memory models. For more details, see USER_MODE(5FEA).


The DYNAMIC_LIB feature provides support for dynamic libraries within Sun Embedded Workshop. It requires the ACTOR_EXTENDED_MNGT feature, so that actors can be linked with dynamic libraries. These libraries are loaded and mapped within the actor address space at execution time. Symbol resolution is performed at library load time. This feature also enables a running actor to ask for a library to be loaded and installed within its address space, and then to resolve symbols within this library. The feature handles dependencies between libraries.

For more details, see DYNAMIC_LIB(5FEA).


The GZ_FILE feature enables dynamically loaded actors and dynamic libraries to be uncompressed at load time, prior to execution. This minimizes the space required to store these compressed files, and the download time. The GZ_FILE feature requires the ACTOR_EXTENDED_MNGT feature.

For more details, see GZ_FILE(5FEA).