ChorusOS 4.0 Introduction

Tools support

The ChorusOS operating system provides the following support for debugging.


The LOG feature provides support for logging console activity on a target system.

For more details, see sysLog(2K).


The PERF feature provides an API to share the system timer (clock) in two modes:

The PERF API closely follows the timer(9DDI) device driver interface.

For more details see PERF(5FEA).


The MON feature provides a means to monitor the activity of kernel objects such as threads, actors, and ports. Handlers can be connected to the events related to these objects so that, for example, information related to thread-sleep/wake events can be known. Handlers can also monitor global events, affecting the entire system.

For more details see MON(5FEA).


The DEBUG_SYSTEM feature enables remote debugging of the ChorusOS operating system with the XRAY Debugger for ChorusOS. XRAY communicates with the ChorusOS debug server (see chserver(1CC)) through the RDBS protocol adapter (see rdbs(1CC)), both running on the host. The debug server in turn communicates with the debug agent running on the target. The debug server exports an open Debug API, which is documented and available for use by third party tools.

For more details see DEBUG_SYSTEM(5FEA).