ChorusOS 4.0 Introduction

Embedding your Actor in the System Image

The easiest way to add the actor to the system image is to use the graphical configuration tool, ews. See "Adding an Actor to the ChorusOS System Image" for a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

Alternatively, you can modify conf/mkimage/applications.xml so that it contains the list of applications that will be included in your archive. For example, to include your supervisor actor, hello, the content should be as follows:

<folder name='Applications' visible='yes'>
  <description>Placeholder for customer applications</description>

    <definition name='hello' configurable='yes'>
      <description>simple hello actor, in supervisor mode</description>
      <type name='File' />
      <value field='path'>
      <value field='bank'><ref name='sys_bank' /></value>
      <value field='binary'><ref name='supervisor_actor_model' /></value>

    <definition name='application_files' configurable='yes'>
      <description>application system image files</description>
          <equal><var name='SYSTEM' /><const>chorus</const></equal>
          <equal><var name='SYSTEM' /><const>kernonly</const></equal>
      <type name='FileList'/>
     <value index='size'><ref name='hello' /> </value>


Rebuild the system image using one of the following commands: