ChorusOS 4.0 Introduction

Changing Tunable Parameter Values

Tunable parameters are defined by symbolic names within the ChorusOS operating system components. Symbolic names include dots (.), to maintain compatibility with previous releases of the ChorusOS operating system.

The definition of a tunable parameter includes the definition of a default value for this parameter. Integer values of tunable parameters are expressed either as integers or as hexadecimal numbers.

To change the value of a tunable parameter, use:

% configurator -set tunable_name=value

For example, to re-configure the kernel to allow the creation of 300 threads:

% configurator -set kern.exec.maxThreadNumber=300

You can check the value of a tunable parameter as follows:

% configurator -list tunable tunable_name

You can list the values of all the kernel executive tunables as follows:

% configurator -list tunable kern.exec.*

The output lists the kernel executive tunables and their values:

kern.exec.maxCpuNumber int '1'
kern.exec.maxActorNumber int '64'
kern.exec.maxThreadNumber int '300'
kern.exec.bgStackSize int '0x1000'
kern.exec.dflSysStackSize int '0x3000'
kern.exec.dflUsrStackSize int '0x4000'
kern.exec.dblFltStackSize int '0x800'
kern.exec.intrStackSize int '0x3000'

You can list a tunable parameter in greater detail with the -info option:

% configurator -info tunable tunable_name 

The tunable, its value and its description are displayed:

% configurator -info tunable kern.lap.*

Description: Maximum number of bind LAPs 

Description: Maximum number of safe LAPs