ChorusOS 4.0 Introduction

Starting the DebugServer

On the host to which your target or targets are connected, type the following command:

% chserver

This will start the DebugServer as a background process. An empty configuration file called dbg_config.xml is copied into your home directory the first time you run the DebugServer.

If you have defined a slot number n and not set the environment variable, you can start the DebugServer as follows:

% chserver -slot n

A complete description of the DebugServer is given in the chserver(1CC) man page.

Note -

If chserver is run on a different host to the one the system image was built on, particularly on a shared file system with a different view of the build directory, the tool will not be able to access the necessary source files during system debugging. This problem is NFS related, the symbolic link created on one host may not be valid for another, and is due to there being relative file references in the layout.xml file. There are two solutions to the problem: