ChorusOS 4.0 Introduction

Updating Target Information

Use chadmin to update the information that you gave during the registration of your target.

The following example sets the baud rate to 38400, the parity to none, and uses the device /dev/ttya for the target name:

% chadmin -baud 38400 -parity none -device /dev/ttya name

If you wish to specify a new layout.xml file because the path has changed (see note), use the following command to inform the DebugServer of the new path:

% chadmin -layout-file path/layout.xml name

Note -

When you change the mode of system image booting (using the BOOT_MODE global variable) or select a different system image configuration (using the SYSTEM global variable), the path to the layout.xml file will change.

For example, if you type:

% configurator -set SYSTEM=kts

The path will change to build_dir/image/RAM/kts/layout.xml.

If you then type:

% configurator -set SYSTEM=chorus

The path will change to build_dir/image/RAM/chorus/layout.xml.

Similarly, if you change the mode of system image booting:

% configurator -set BOOT_MODE=ROM

The path will change to build_dir/image/ROM/chorus/layout.xml.