ChorusOS 4.0 Introduction

Compiling for Debugging

In order to use all the debugging features in the XRAY Debugger, you need to generate symbolic debugging information when you compile components. This information is stored in the object files and describes the data type of each variable or function and the correspondence between source line numbers and addresses in the executable code.

How you enable debugging in components will depend on which release of ChorusOS 4.0 you have. The binary release of ChorusOS 4.0 includes the source code for the BSP, driver and example components. These you will compile in what is known as an imake build environment because the imake tool is used to create the Makefiles for these components.

The source release of ChorusOS 4.0 includes everything in the binary release plus source code for system components, such as the kernel and the operating system. These components are built in an mkmk build environment where the tool mkmk is used to build Makefiles. For more details see ChorusOS 4.0 Production Guide.