ChorusOS 4.0 Introduction

Configuring the Debug Agent

The DebugAgent is activated by enabling the DEBUG_SYSTEM feature with the configurator(1CC) command:

% configurator -set DEBUG_SYSTEM=true

Note -

The DEBUG_SYSTEM feature is set to true by default.

When the DebugAgent is activated, communications on the serial line are performed in binary mode.

The DebugAgent has eight tunable options that you can configure with ews or configurator. The following three tunables control the behavior of the DebugAgent when it is enabled (DEBUG_SYSTEM=true):

The following five tunables control the serial line used by the DebugAgent.

Note -

When the DebugAgent is not active (DEBUG_SYSTEM=false), the serial line is used by the system debugging console, and the five tunables control the serial device and speed.