ChorusOS 4.0 Network Administration Guide

Interface Creation

As described in "Interface Creation", interface creation is usually performed by including commands in the sysadm.ini file that you build into the ChorusOS system image for your target. In order to create a PPP interface, use the mkdev(1M) utility as follows:

mkdev ppp unit

where unit is the number that makes the interface unique. In order to allow the system to use IP, you must also create a loopback interface.

Example 4-1 PPP Interface Creation

The following example sysadm.ini fragment creates a PPP interface and the loopback interface needed for IP communication.

# Set the file creation mask to 0 during system configuration
umask 0

# Create a PPP interface
mkdev ppp 0

# Create a loopback interface
mkdev lo 0

Note that the above commands simply create the interface; nothing is configured for use, yet.