ChorusOS 4.0 Network Administration Guide

Hardware Configuration

ChorusOS systems may support multiple SLIP interfaces, each of which is identified by a unique name such as sl0. The binary distribution of the ChorusOS 4.0 product provides support for only one SLIP line. (If you have the source distribution, you can increase the number of lines possible by modifying the value of NSL in the sl.h header file.) See the appropriate guide in the ChorusOS 4.0 Target Family Documentation Collection to verify serial line support for your particular target system hardware.

Note -

The first serial line on the ChorusOS system is reserved for system debug, and for console access using the host workstation tip(1) utility. It cannot be used for SLIP. The console requires a terminal type cable.

If you are unsure what serial lines your system uses, yet you are able to boot the system, you can use the dtree(1M) utility to display devices listed in the target system device tree:

% rsh target dtree

ChorusOS systems may be used with modems. The chat(1M) utility can help you handle modem connection and configuration.

Note -

This document does not provide information about modem configuration commands, nor does it provide information about the cables required for connecting modems to targets.