ChorusOS 4.0 Network Administration Guide


The arp(1M) utility lets you display and manipulate the tables used to translate IP addresses to Ethernet addresses according to the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP).

Example 6-1 Displaying the ARP Table

The following example displays the IP address/Ethernet address pairs known to a ChorusOS system that has no name service daemons operating:

$ rsh target arun /bin/arp -a
started aid = 22
? ( at 8:0:20:a7:d6:f3

Note that the only system known to the ChorusOS system is the boot server, and that its hostname is not known.

You may also use the ChorusOS rarp(1M) utility that makes it possible to configure the IP address of the ChorusOS system during system initialization from a RARP server on the local network.