ChorusOS 4.0 Network Administration Guide


The Windows NT 4.0 workstation PPP host requires that the client provide a valid username and password in order to connect. Both the username and password must be authorized for dial-in access in the Windows NT 4.0 user database.

Currently, the only authentication protocol shared by both ChorusOS systems and Windows NT 4.0 is the plain text Password Authentication Protocol (PAP). Therefore, you must select PAP for logging in. The username and password are the same as the ones used for logging in to the system.

Enabling Automated Target-to-Host Connections

In order to allow automated connections of diskless ChorusOS systems to the Windows NT 4.0 host at boot time, pppd supports a ChorusOS specific option, userpass username password, and its functional equivalent +ua filename, which makes it possible to obtain the same information from a file.

  1. Edit the options file to negotiate PAP, rather than CHAP authentication:

    # refuse CHAP authentication and require PAP
  2. Edit the pap.scr file to include the username and password needed for authentication:

    # pap.scr example
    # username * password
    myuser	* pa55word
Granting Dial-In Permission on the Host

Use the User Manager to authorize user to access the host workstation.

  1. Select Start|Programs|Administrative Tools (Common)|User Manager.

  2. Double-click user in the Username list.

  3. Click the Dialin button.

  4. Select Grant dialin permission to user.

  5. Confirm your selections, closing each dialog box by clicking the OK button.