ChorusOS 4.0 Network Administration Guide

Addressing and Routing

On the Host

In order to make the ChorusOS system visible on the local Ethernet network, you must enable routing on the host workstation.

  1. Select Start | Settings | Control Panel.

  2. Double-click the Networks icon.

  3. Click the Protocols tab.

  4. Select TCP/IP Protocol from the list.

  5. Click the Properties... button.

  6. Click the Routing tab.

  7. Check Enable IP Forwarding.

  8. Confirm your selections, closing each dialog box by clicking the OK button.

  9. Reboot the host system.

On the ChorusOS Target

In order to route target IP traffic through the host workstation, you must add a default route to the IP address of the Windows NT 4.0 system after the connection from the target has been set up using the defaultroute option with pppd.

    Use the route command to enable a default route:

    $ rsh target route add default IP_address
    where IP_address is the IP address to which IP traffic is routed by default.

    Note -

    You can remove existing default routes using the delete option with the route command:

    $ rsh target route delete default IP_address