ChorusOS 5.0 Transition Guide

Enhancements to Tools

A brief description of the enhancements to the tools follows:

Process Dump

The process dump feature dumps a core image of a process as an ELF format file. The core image can be taken dynamically, while the process is running, or when the process crashes. The core file generated can be used by a debugging tool to perform a post-mortem analysis of the process.

For more information, refer to the pdump(1M) man page.

System Dump

Allows black box information to be recovered in the event of a system crash. The result of the black box is saved as an ASCII file on the host. See SYSTEM_DUMP(5FEA) for more information.

New gcc Support

Version 5.0 of the ChorusOS operating system supports gcc version 2.97.

GDB Debugging Tool

The GNU GDB debugging tool for ChorusOS systems replaces the XRAY debugging tool used in previous versions. See "GDB Debugging Tool" for more information.

Insight GUI

Insight is a graphical user interface to GDB and gives you access to most of GDB's capabilities. See "Insight GUI for GDB" for more information.