ChorusOS 5.0 Transition Guide

What's New About Installing?

This section describes changes in the ChorusOS 5.0 operating system that affect the installation process.

JVM Test Relocation

The most obvious change to the installation process is the relocation of the JVM version test on the host system. In ChorusOS 4.0, the first step in the installation process was the extraction of all the required files. The system tested for the correct JVM version only after the extraction had occurred. In ChorusOS 5.0, the version of JVM is tested prior to the extraction of the files. This avoids the unnecessary extraction of files when the incorrect JVM version is installed.

The -only Option

The -only option added to the script allows you to specify that the installation procedure stops with the unzipping of the required system files. When you use the -only option with, you need to run the installer script to continue the installation. In this case, the JVM version test is done when you run installer.

In addition, the following options are supported:

Compatibility with JDK 1.2/1.3

The ChorusOS 5.0 installer is compatible with JDK versions 1.2 and 1.3.


The new uninstaller offers a complete graphical tool for uninstalling the ChorusOS operating system. A separate uninstaller is available for the operating system and for the documentation, enabling you to uninstall these elements independently of each other.

For more information on the graphical uninstaller, see "Uninstalling on the Host" in the ChorusOS 5.0 Installation Guide.

CD Installer

The distribution of the ChorusOS operating system on CD_ROM, incorporates a new CD installer. With this new installer, the product is not launched using the script. Instead, you are able simply to double-click on an installer script.

For a complete description on using the CD installer, see "Installing Sun Embedded Workshop" in the ChorusOS 5.0 Installation Guide.