ChorusOS 5.0 Transition Guide

Chapter 3 File System Changes

This chapter describes changes to the file system administration in version 5.0 of the ChorusOS operating system. It includes changes to file system and media support.

Changes to File Systems

This section describes changes made to the file systems in ChorusOS 5.0. For more information on file systems and file system administration, refer to the ChorusOS 5.0 System Administrator's Guide.

Changes to Media and File System Support

The following new media and file systems are supported in version 5.0 of the ChorusOS operating system.


Version 5.0 of the ChorusOS operating system supports SCSI CD-ROM disk drives. The ChorusOS file system requires that you use special device driver files to read from this device. For more information, see "Special Device Driver Files" in ChorusOS 5.0 System Administrator's Guide and special(7S).

ISO 9660 File System

The ChorusOS operating system now provides support for the ISO 9660 File System on SCSI CD-ROM disk drives.

New NFS Version

ChorusOS 5.0 now supports NFS version 3.0. NFS version 2.0 continues to be supported.