Sun Cluster 3.1 10/03 Data Services Developer's Guide

xfnts_validate Method

The RGM calls the Validate method when a resource is created and when administrative action updates the properties of the resource or its containing group. The RGM calls Validate before the creation or update is applied, and a failure exit code from the method on any node causes the creation or update to be canceled.

The RGM calls Validate only when resource or group properties are changed through administrative action, not when the RGM sets properties, or when a monitor sets the resource properties Status and Status_msg.

Note –

The Monitor_check method also explicitly calls the Validate method whenever the PROBE method attempts to fail the data service over to a new node.

The RGM calls Validate with additional arguments to those passed to other methods, including the properties and values being updated. The call to scds_initialize() at the beginning of xfnts_validate parses all the arguments the RGM passes to xfnts_validate and stores the information in the scds_handle parameter. The subroutines that xfnts_validate calls make use of this information.

The xfnts_validate method calls svc_validate(), which verifies the following.

Before it returns, svc_validate() frees all allocated resources.


   return (rc); /* return result of validation */

Note –

Before it exits, the xfnts_validate method calls scds_close() to reclaim resources allocated by scds_initialize(). See scds_initialize() Function and the scds_close(3HA) man page for details.