Sun Cluster 3.1 10/03 Data Services Developer's Guide

Resource Type Functions

Together these functions access information about a resource type registered with the RGM.

scha_resourcetype_open(), scha_resourcetype_get(), scha_resourcetype_close()

The scha_resourcetype_open() function initializes access to a resource and returns a handle for scha_resourcetype_get(), which accesses the resource type information. The scha_resourcetype_close() function invalidates the handle and frees memory allocated for scha_resourcetype_get() return values.

A resource type can change, through cluster reconfiguration or administrative action, after scha_resourcetype_open() returns the resource type's handle, in which case the information scha_resourcetype_get() obtains through the handle could be inaccurate. In cases of cluster reconfiguration or administrative action on a resource type, the RGM returns the scha_err_seqid error code to scha_resourcetype_get() to indicate information about the resource type might have changed. This is a non-fatal error message; the function returns successfully. You can choose to ignore the message and accept the returned information, or you can close the current handle and open a new handle to access information about the resource type.

A single man page describes these three functions. You can access this man page through any of the individual functions, scha_resourcetype_open(3HA), scha_resourcetype_get(3HA), or scha_resourcetype_close(3HA).