Sun Cluster 3.1 10/03 Data Services Developer's Guide

Information That You Need to Know Before Changing the RTR File

Some resource type upgrades do not involve new method or monitor code. For example, a resource type upgrade might only change the default value or tunability of a resource property. Since the method code is not changing, the only requirement for installing the upgrade is to have a valid pathname to a readable RTR file.

If there is no need to reregister the old resource type, the new RTR file can overwrite the previous version. Otherwise the new RTR file can be placed in a new pathname.

If the upgrade changes the default value or tunability of a property, the Validate method for the new version can verify at migration time that the existing property attributes are valid for the new resource type. If the upgrade changes the min, max, or type attributes of a property, the scrgadm command automatically validates these constraints at migration time.

The upgrade documentation must call out any new default property attributes. The documentation must inform the system administrator that existing resource properties are editable to appropriate values using the same command that edits the Type_version property to upgrade the resource to the new resource type version.

If the upgrade adds or deletes properties, it is likely that some callback methods or monitor code also must be changed.