Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Service Planning and Administration Guide

Bringing Resource Groups Online

To enable resources to begin providing HA services, you must enable the resources in the resource group, enable the resource monitors, make the resource group managed, and bring the resource group online. You can perform these tasks individually or by using the following one-step procedure. See the scswitch(1M) man page for details.

Note –

Perform this procedure from any cluster node.

How to Bring a Resource Group Online

  1. Become superuser on a cluster member.

  2. Enable the resource, and bring the resource group online.

    If the resource monitor was disabled, it will be enabled also.

    # scswitch -Z -g resource-group

    Brings a resource group online by first enabling its resources and fault monitors.

    -g resource-group

    Specifies the name of the resource group to bring online. The group must be an existing resource group.

  3. Verify that the resource is online.

    Run the following command on any cluster node, and check the resource group state field to verify that the resource group is online on the nodes that are specified in the node list.

    # scstat -g

Example – Bring a Resource Group Online

This example shows how to bring a resource group (resource-group-1) online and verify its status.

# scswitch -Z -g resource-group-1
# scstat -g

Where to Go From Here

After you bring a resource group online, it is configured and ready for use. If a resource or node fails, the RGM switches the resource group online on alternate nodes to maintain availability of the resource group.