Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Service Planning and Administration Guide

How to Change Resource Group Properties

To complete this procedure, you must supply the following information.

This procedure describes the steps to change resource group properties. See Appendix A, Standard Properties for a complete list of resource group properties.

Note –

Perform this procedure from any cluster node.

  1. Become superuser on a cluster member.

  2. Change the resource group property.

    # scrgadm -c -g resource-group -y property=new_value

    Changes the specified property.

    -g resource-group

    Specifies the name of the resource group.

    -y property

    Specifies the name of the property to change.

  3. Verify that the resource group property has been changed.

    # scrgadm -pv -g resource-group

Example – Changing a Resource Group Property

This example shows how to change the Failback property for the resource group (resource-group-1).

# scrgadm -c -g resource-group-1 -y Failback=True
# scrgadm -pv -g resource-group-1