Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Service Planning and Administration Guide

Re-registering Preregistered Resource Types

Two preregistered resource types are SUNW.LogicalHostname and SUNW.SharedAddress. All of the logical hostname and shared address resources use these resource types. You never need to register these two resource types, but you might accidentally delete them. If you have deleted resource types inadvertently, use the following procedure to re-register them.

See the scrgadm(1M) man page for additional information.

Note –

Perform this procedure from any cluster node.

How to Re-register Preregistered Resource Types

    Re-register the resource type.

    # scrgadm -a -t SUNW.resource-type

    Adds a resource type.

    -t SUNW.resource-type

    Specifies the resource type to add (re-register). The resource type can be either SUNW.LogicalHostname or SUNW.SharedAddress.

Example – Re-registering a Preregistered Resource Type

This example shows how to re-register the SUNW.LogicalHostname resource type.

# scrgadm -a -t SUNW.LogicalHostname