Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

How to Add Mediator Hosts

Perform this procedure if your configuration requires dual-string mediators.

  1. Become superuser on the node that currently masters the disk set to which you intend to add mediator hosts.

  2. Run the metaset(1M) command to add each node with connectivity to the disk set as a mediator host for that disk set.

    # metaset -s setname -a -m mediator-host-list
    -s setname

    Specifies the disk set name


    Adds to the disk set

    -m mediator-host-list

    Specifies the name of the node to add as a mediator host for the disk set

    See the mediator(7D) man page for details about mediator-specific options to the metaset command.

  3. Check the status of mediator data.

    Go to How to Check the Status of Mediator Data.

Example—Adding Mediator Hosts

The following example adds the nodes phys-schost-1 and phys-schost-2 as mediator hosts for the disk set dg-schost-1. Both commands are run from the node phys-schost-1.

# metaset -s dg-schost-1 -a -m phys-schost-1
# metaset -s dg-schost-1 -a -m phys-schost-2