Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

Task Map: Configuring the Cluster

The following table lists the tasks to perform to configure your cluster. Before you start to perform these tasks, ensure that you completed the following tasks:

Table 2–9 Task Map: Configuring the Cluster



Create and mount cluster file systems. 

How to Create Cluster File Systems

Configure IP Network Multipathing groups. 

How to Configure Internet Protocol (IP) Network Multipathing Groups

(Optional) Change a node's private hostname.

How to Change Private Hostnames

Create or modify the NTP configuration file. 

How to Configure Network Time Protocol (NTP)

(Optional) SPARC: Install the Sun Cluster module to Sun Management Center software.

SPARC: Installing the Sun Cluster Module for Sun Management Center

Sun Management Center documentation 

Install third-party applications and configure the applications, data services, and resource groups. 

Sun Cluster Data Service Planning and Administration Guide for Solaris OS

Third-party application documentation