Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

Test IP Addresses

The test IP addresses that you supply must meet the following requirements:

The following table lists each metaset name and cluster-file-system mount point that is created by SunPlex Installer. The number of metasets and mount points that SunPlex Installer creates depends on the number of shared disks that are connected to the node. For example, if a node is connected to four shared disks, SunPlex Installer creates the mirror-1 and mirror-2 metasets. However, SunPlex Installer does not create the mirror-3 metaset, because the node does not have enough shared disks to create a third metaset.

Table 2–5 Metasets Installed by SunPlex Installer

Shared Disks 

Metaset Name 

Cluster File System Mount Point 


First pair 



Sun Cluster HA for NFS or Sun Cluster HA for Apache scalable data service, or both 

Second pair 




Third pair 




Note –

If the cluster does not meet the minimum shared-disk requirement, SunPlex Installer still installs the Solstice DiskSuite packages. However, without sufficient shared disks, SunPlex Installer cannot configure the metasets, metadevices, or volumes. SunPlex Installer then cannot configure the cluster file systems that are needed to create instances of the data service.