Sun Cluster Software Installation Guide for Solaris OS

IP Network Multipathing Groups

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Internet Protocol (IP) Network Multipathing groups, which replace Network Adapter Failover (NAFO) groups, provide public-network adapter monitoring and failover, and are the foundation for a network-address resource. A multipathing group provides high availability when the multipathing group is configured with two or more adapters. If one adapter fails, all of the addresses on the failed adapter fail over to another adapter in the multipathing group. In this way, the multipathing-group adapters maintain public-network connectivity to the subnet to which the adapters in the multipathing group connect.

Consider the following points when you plan your multipathing groups.

Most procedures, guidelines, and restrictions that are identified in the Solaris documentation for IP Network Multipathing are the same for both cluster and noncluster environments. Therefore, see the appropriate Solaris document for additional information about IP Network Multipathing:

Also see “IP Network Multipathing Groups” in Sun Cluster Overview for Solaris OS and Sun Cluster Concepts Guide for Solaris OS.