Sun Cluster 3.1 9/04 Release Notes for Solaris OS

Patches and Required Firmware Levels

This section provides information about patches for Sun Cluster configurations.

Note –

You must be a registered SunSolveTM user to view and download the required patches for the Sun Cluster product. If you do not have a SunSolve account, contact your Sun service representative or sales engineer, or register online at


PatchPro is a patch-management tool designed to ease the selection and download of patches required for installation or maintenance of Sun Cluster software. PatchPro provides a Sun Cluster-specific Interactive Mode tool to make the installation of patches easier and an Expert Mode tool to maintain your configuration with the latest set of patches. Expert Mode is especially useful for those who want to get all of the latest patches, not just the high availability and security patches.

To access the PatchPro tool for Sun Cluster software, go to, click on “Sun Cluster,” then choose either Interactive Mode or Expert Mode. Follow the instructions in the PatchPro tool to describe your cluster configuration and download the patches.

SunSolve Online

The SunSolveTM Online Web site provides 24-hour access to the most up-to-date information regarding patches, software, and firmware for Sun products. Access the SunSolve Online site at for the most current matrixes of supported software, firmware, and patch revisions.

Sun Cluster 3.1 9/04 third-party patch information is provided through SunSolve Info Docs. This Info Doc page provides third-party patch information for specific hardware that you intend to use in a Sun Cluster 3.1 environment. To locate this Info Doc, log on to SunSolve and access the Simple Search selection from the top of the main page. From the Simple Search page, click on the Info Docs box and type Sun Cluster 3.x Third-Party Patches in the search criteria box.

Before you install Sun Cluster 3.1 9/04 software and apply patches to a cluster component (Solaris OS, Sun Cluster software, volume manager software, data services software, or disk hardware), review each README file that accompanies the patches that you retrieved. All cluster nodes must have the same patch level for proper cluster operation.

For specific patch procedures and tips on administering patches, see Chapter 8, Patching Sun Cluster Software and Firmware, in Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS.