TABLE 2-1 small spaceSolaris Timing Metrics

TABLE 2-2 small spaceSynchronization Wait Tracing Metrics

TABLE 2-3 small spaceMemory Allocation (Heap Tracing) Metrics

TABLE 2-4 small spaceMPI Tracing Metrics

TABLE 2-5 small spaceClassification of MPI Functions Into Send, Receive, Send and Receive, and Other

TABLE 3-1 small spaceParameter List for collector_func_load()

TABLE 3-2 small spaceEnvironment Variable Settings for Preloading the Library

TABLE 5-1 small spaceField Label Meanings for Kernel Experiments in the Analyzer

TABLE 6-1 small spaceMetric Type Characters

TABLE 6-2 small spaceMetric Visibility Characters

TABLE 6-3 small spaceMetric Name Strings

TABLE 6-4 small spaceCompiler Commentary Message Classes

TABLE 6-5 small spaceAdditional Options for the dcc Command

TABLE 6-6 small spaceTimeline Display Mode Options

TABLE 6-7 small spaceTimeline Display Data Types

TABLE 7-1 small spaceData Types and Corresponding File Names

TABLE 7-2 small spaceHow Kernel Microstates Contribute to Metrics

TABLE 8-1 small spaceAnnotated Source-Code Metrics

TABLE A-1 small spacePerformance Profiling Tools