Code Samples

CODE EXAMPLE 1-1 small spaceHello Interval World

CODE EXAMPLE 1-2 small spaceHello Interval World With INTERVAL Variables

CODE EXAMPLE 1-3 small spaceInterval Input/Output

CODE EXAMPLE 1-4 small space[inf, sup] Interval Output

CODE EXAMPLE 1-5 small spaceSingle-Number Output

CODE EXAMPLE 1-6 small spaceCharacter Input With Internal Data Conversion

CODE EXAMPLE 1-7 small spaceMixed Precision With Widest-Need

CODE EXAMPLE 1-8 small spaceMixed Types With Widest-Need

CODE EXAMPLE 1-9 small spaceSimple INTERVAL Expression Example

CODE EXAMPLE 1-10 small spaceSet-Equality Test

CODE EXAMPLE 1-11 small spaceInterval Relational Operators

CODE EXAMPLE 1-12 small spaceSet Operators

CODE EXAMPLE 1-13 small spaceIntrinsic INTERVAL -Specific Functions

CODE EXAMPLE 1-14 small spaceInterval Versions of Standard Intrinsic Functions

CODE EXAMPLE 1-15 small space INTERVAL Type Mismatch

CODE EXAMPLE 1-16 small spaceInvalid Endpoints

CODE EXAMPLE 1-17 small spaceEquivalence of Intervals and Non-Intervals

CODE EXAMPLE 1-18 small spaceEquivalence of INTERVAL Objects With Different KTPVs

CODE EXAMPLE 1-19 small spaceAssigning a REAL Expression to an INTERVAL Variable Mode

CODE EXAMPLE 1-20 small spaceAssigning an INTERVAL Expression to INTERVAL Variable in Strict Mode

CODE EXAMPLE 1-21 small space INTEGER Overflow Containment Violation Under -xia=strict Mode

CODE EXAMPLE 2-1 small spaceKTPV of INTERVAL Constants

CODE EXAMPLE 2-2 small spaceValid and Invalid INTERVAL Constants

CODE EXAMPLE 2-3 small spaceKTPV max Depends on KIND (Left-Hand Side)

CODE EXAMPLE 2-4 small spaceMixed-Mode Assignment Statement

CODE EXAMPLE 2-5 small spaceMixed-Mode Expression

CODE EXAMPLE 2-6 small spaceConstant Expressions

CODE EXAMPLE 2-7 small spaceRelational Operators

CODE EXAMPLE 2-8 small spaceInterval .IH. Operator Extension

CODE EXAMPLE 2-9 small spaceUser-Defined Interface That Conflicts With the Use of the Intrinsic INTERVAL (+) Operator

CODE EXAMPLE 2-10 small spaceUser-Defined Interface Conflicts With Intrinsic Use of .IH

CODE EXAMPLE 2-11 small spaceIncorrect Change in the Number of Arguments INTERVAL Operator

CODE EXAMPLE 2-12 small spaceUser-Defined Interface That Conflicts With the Intrinsic Use of Unary "+"

CODE EXAMPLE 2-13 small spaceCorrect Extension of Intrinsic INTERVAL Function WID

CODE EXAMPLE 2-14 small spaceCorrect Extension of the Intrinsic INTERVAL Function ABS

CODE EXAMPLE 2-15 small spaceCorrect Extension of the Intrinsic INTERVAL Function MIN

CODE EXAMPLE 2-16 small spaceWidest-Need Expression Processing When Calling a Predefined Version of an Intrinsic INTERVAL Operator

CODE EXAMPLE 2-17 small spaceWidest-Need Expression Processing When Invoking a User-Defined Operator

CODE EXAMPLE 2-18 small spaceContainment Using the .IH. Operator

CODE EXAMPLE 2-19 small space INTERVAL Conversion

CODE EXAMPLE 2-20 small spaceCreate a Narrow Interval Containing a Given Real Number

CODE EXAMPLE 2-21 small space INTERVAL(NaN )

CODE EXAMPLE 2-22 small spaceIllegal Derived Type: INTERVAL

CODE EXAMPLE 2-23 small spaceDeclaring Intervals With Different KTPVs

CODE EXAMPLE 2-24 small spaceDeclaring and Initializing INTERVAL Variables

CODE EXAMPLE 2-25 small spaceDeclaring INTERVAL Arrays

CODE EXAMPLE 2-26 small space DATA Statement Containing INTERVAL Variables

CODE EXAMPLE 2-27 small spaceNonrepeatable Edit Descriptor Example

CODE EXAMPLE 2-28 small spaceFormat Statements With INTERVAL -Specific Edit Descriptors

CODE EXAMPLE 2-29 small spaceDefault Interval Function

CODE EXAMPLE 2-30 small spaceExplicit INTERVAL(16) Function Declaration

CODE EXAMPLE 2-31 small spaceIntrinsic Function Declaration


CODE EXAMPLE 2-33 small spaceConstant Expression INTERVAL PARAMETER Attribute

CODE EXAMPLE 2-34 small space INTERVAL Pointers

CODE EXAMPLE 2-35 small space INTERVAL Statement Function

CODE EXAMPLE 2-36 small space INTERVAL Type Statement

CODE EXAMPLE 2-37 small spaceList Directed Input/Output Code

CODE EXAMPLE 2-38 small spaceThe Decimal Point in an Input Value Dominates Format Specifiers

CODE EXAMPLE 2-39 small spaceAll of the INTERVAL Edit Descriptors Can Accept Single-Number Input

CODE EXAMPLE 2-40 small space BZ Descriptor

CODE EXAMPLE 2-41 small space Y [ inf , sup ]-Style Output

CODE EXAMPLE 2-42 small space Y w.d Output

CODE EXAMPLE 2-43 small space Y w.d Output Using the NDIGITS Intrinsic

CODE EXAMPLE 2-44 small space{ Y , F , E , EN,ES,G } w.d Output, Where d Sets the Minimum Number of Significant Digits to be Displayed

CODE EXAMPLE 2-45 small space Y w.d E e Output (The Usage of e Specifier)

CODE EXAMPLE 2-46 small space E w.d E e, EN w.d E e, and ES w.d E e Edit Descriptors

CODE EXAMPLE 2-47 small space F w.d Edit Descriptor

CODE EXAMPLE 2-48 small space G w.d E e Edit Descriptor

CODE EXAMPLE 2-49 small space VE Output

CODE EXAMPLE 2-50 small space VEN Output

CODE EXAMPLE 2-51 small space VES Output

CODE EXAMPLE 2-52 small space VF Output Editing

CODE EXAMPLE 2-53 small space VG Output

CODE EXAMPLE 2-54 small space ATAN2 Indeterminate Forms