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Suntrademark MPI 6.0 Software Programming and Reference Manual




1. Introduction to Sun MPI

Sun MPI Features


2. Sun MPI Library

Types of Libraries

Sun MPI Routines

Point-to-Point Communication Routines

One-Sided Communication Routines

Collective Communication Routines

Using the In-Place Option

Using Persistent Communication Requests

Managing Process Topologies

Name-Publishing Routines

Environmental Inquiry Routines

Packing and Unpacking Functions

Managing Communicators, Groups, and Contexts

Data Types

Resource Reservation for Batch Processing

Programming With Sun MPI

Fortran Support

Recommendations for All-to-All and All-to-One Communication

Signals and MPI

Multithreaded Programming

Guidelines for Thread-Safe Programming

MPI_Wait(), MPI_Waitall(), MPI_Waitany(), MPI_Waitsome()


MPI_Probe(), MPI_Iprobe()

Collective Calls

Communicator Operations

Error Handlers

Profiling Interface

MPE: Extensions to the Library

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Obtain and Build the MPE

3. Getting Started

Header Files

Sample Code

Compiling and Linking

Choosing a Library Path

Stubbing Thread Calls

Profiling With mpprof

Basic Job Execution

Executing With CRE

Executing With LSF Suite


Debugging With the Prism Environment

Starting Up Prism

Debugging With TotalView


Related Documentation

Starting a New Job Using TotalView

Attaching to an mprun Job

Launching Sun MPI Batch Jobs Using TotalView

Debugging With MPE

4. Programming With Sun MPI I/O

Data Partitioning and Data Types


Note for Fortran Users


File Manipulation

File Hints

File Views

Data Access

Data Access With Explicit Offsets

Data Access With Individual File Pointers

Pointer Manipulation

Data Access With Shared File Pointers

File Interoperability

File Consistency and Semantics

Sample Code

Partitioned Writing and Reading in a Parallel Job

Data Access Styles

Overlapping I/O With Computation and Communication

A. Sun MPI and Sun MPI I/O Routines

Sun MPI Routines

Sun MPI I/O Routines

B. Environment Variables

Informational Variables

General Performance Tuning

Tuning Memory for Point-to-Point Performance


Synchronization of One-Sided Communications

Tuning Rendezvous



C. Troubleshooting

MPI Messages

MPI I/O Error Handling

Adjusting System V Shared-Memory Limits