Sun Management Center 3.5 Update 1 Release Notes

Manage Extensible Markup Language (XML) Configurations Option Produces an Invalid Error Message When Applying an XML File to a New Fabric (4855354)

You can use the Sun Management Center console's Manage XML Configurations option to open an XML file for editing. You can also apply any configuration information that the file contains to an unconfigured fabric. The term unconfigured fabric refers to a fabric that has been created and started but does not yet contain any member data, such as descriptions of compute nodes.

Note –

An XML file can be opened for editing without being associated with an unconfigured fabric. However, if the file is used to configure a fabric, that fabric must first be created and started.

When you select the Manage XML Configuration option, two windows might be displayed. If only one Configuration window appears, you can proceed with your configuration. If two windows appear, the active window is labeled Error and the inactive window is labeled Configuration. The Error window displays the following message:

Getting FM Info Values 

This message is generated because the newly created fabric name does not yet contain fabric data. Ignore this message and proceed with importing the XML configuration file.

Workaround: For the Solaris 8 release, apply patch 114995–01.