Sun Management Center 3.6.1 User's Guide

ProcedureTo Add a Row to a Data Property Table

Note –

You can use the steps in this procedure to add a row to the Directory Size Monitoring, File Monitoring, File Scanning, and Process Monitoring modules.

The following example procedure uses the File Monitoring module which enables you to monitor a file's size, modification date, and rate of growth. If this module is not loaded, see To Load a Module.

  1. In the Browser Details window, double-click the Operating System icon in the hierarchy (tree) view.

    The operating system modules are displayed in both the hierarchy and topology views.

  2. Double-click the File Monitoring icon in the topology view, or click the expansion icon next to the File Monitoring icon in the hierarchy view.

    The File Monitoring Status folder is displayed.

  3. Double-click the File Monitoring Status folder in either the hierarchy or the topology view.

    An empty property table is displayed.

  4. Add a row to the table in either of the following ways:

    • Press mouse button 3 in a table row or column header, and choose New Row from the pop-up menu.

    • Select the table. Then choose New Row from the Options icon menu.

    The Row Adder window is displayed.

  5. Type the appropriate information in the text fields.

    Note –

    This example shows the fields for the File Monitoring module. Fields differ depending on the module that you are modifying.

    • Name is a unique name for this instance of the File Monitoring module.

      The name should be a single word that might contain alphanumeric characters and an underscore (_).

    • Description is a text description for this particular instance.

    • Filename is the complete path to the file that you want to monitor.

  6. To add the table row and close the Row Adder window, click the OK button.

    The added row is displayed in the topology view.