Sun Management Center 3.6.1 User's Guide

When an Agent Exits During Startup

The Sun Management Center agent has the ability to monitor itself and restrict its memory usage. Some predefined limits have been set for the memory usage of the agent process. These limits depend on the following criteria:

On rare occasions, the limit for default memory usage is exceeded during the agent startup and when the agent stops running. If this limit is exceeded, the default limits set for the agent memory size are not enough for your configuration.

To confirm that memory usage is the cause, look in the /var/opt/SUNWsymon/log/agent.log file for one of the following messages:

Excessive Virtual Memory Use
Excessive Physical Memory Use

If you see one of these messages during the agent startup, reconfigure the memory usage limits on the agent host using the following procedure.

ProcedureTo Increase Agent Memory Size

  1. Become superuser on the agent host.

    # su -
  2. Copy the file agent-stats-d.def to /var/opt/SUNWsymon.

    # cp /opt/SUNWsymon/modules/cfg/agent-stats-d.def /var/opt/SUNWsymon/cfg/
  3. In the /var/opt/SUNWsymon/cfg/agent-stats-d.def file, increase the alarmlimit:error-gt to the desired value as shown in the following code segment.

    The value is in Kbytes.

    procstats = {
            size = {
          = abort
          = _internal
          = abort "Excessive Virtual Memory Use"
                alarmlimit:error-gt = 70000
                alarmlimit:warning-gt = 60000
                alarmlimit:info-gt =
  4. Save the file and restart the agent.