Sun Management Center 3.6.1 User's Guide

Importing Topology Information

You can start the topology import utility from the main console window or the CLI, which is described in Import and Export CLI Interface.

ProcedureTo Import Topology Data From a File

  1. Select Import Topology from the Tools menu in the main console.

    The Import Topology window appears.

  2. Type the full path name to the file that contains topology data to import.

    Tip –

    You can also use the Browse button to find the file.

  3. Determine whether to import everything in the topology or only groups and entities.

    • Follow – Imports groups and domain information. The groups and entities are created in the domain contained in the file.

    • Ignore – Ignores the domain information and imports only groups and entities to the target domain that you specify.

  4. Select the domain to which to import the data from the Name list.

    All data is imported into the home domain by default.

    Note –

    You can specify the location in the topology hierarchy to which the data will import only if you chose the Ignore option in the previous step.

  5. Click OK to import the data and close the Import Topology window.

    The import utility updates the topology database. Therefore, a warning dialog box allows you to confirm the operation before the data is imported.

    The warning dialog box tells you when the input file was generated and who generated the file. This warning helps you to ensure that the correct data file is being used.

    Several additional checks are performed:

    • Exported data files include information about the validity time of the file. If you are trying to import an out-of-date file, you receive an error message and the operation stops.

    • The import utility checks that the file exists and that the file is readable. If these checks fail, you receive an error message, and the operation stops.

    • For the import utility to analyze the import file, the file format must be correct. If the file is formatted incorrectly, the import utility generates an error message.

    • If the entity exists in the current topology hierarchy, another warning dialog box asks whether the entity should be replaced. Select one of the following options:


      Replaces the conflicting data with new values.

      Replace All

      Replaces all conflicting data. The dialog box does not appear when the data conflict occurs again, and the old value is replaced


      Do not update the conflicting data.

      Ignore All

      The dialog box does not appear when another data conflict occurs. All conflicts are ignored and are left unchanged.

      Cancel Import

      Stops the import operation.