Sun Management Center 3.6 System Reliability Manager User's Guide

ProcedureTo Remove the System Reliability Manager Software

  1. As superuser (su -), launch the uninstall wizard by typing:

    # /opt/SUNWsymon/sbin/es-guiuninst

    where /opt is the directory where Sun Management Center 3.6 is installed. Substitute the name of the actual directory if it is different on your systems.

    The Sun Management Center 3.6 uninstall wizard appears.

  2. Select System Reliability Manager from the list of software, and click Next.

  3. Indicate whether to preserve the data files.

  4. Review the names of the products selected for removal, and click Next.

    The System Reliability Manager packages and configuration files are removed. If you chose not to preserve the data files, they are removed as well.

  5. Click Close to exit the wizard.