Sun Management Center 3.6.1 Installation and Configuration Guide

ProcedureTo Set JAVA_HOME and PATH on the Solaris Platform

If JDK 1.3.1 or JDK 1.4 software has been installed in the default location:

  1. Log in as root by typing su - root.

  2. Set JAVA_HOME to /usr/j2se.

    • In a C shell environment:

      # setenv JAVA_HOME /usr/j2se
    • In a Bourne or Korn shell environment:

      # JAVA_HOME=/usr/j2se
      # export JAVA_HOME

    Tip –

    Add the appropriate statement to your .login or .cshrc file.

  3. Add /usr/j2se/bin to your system path.

  4. Place /usr/j2se/bin in your PATH before /usr/bin.

  5. Place /usr/bin in your PATH before /usr/ucb.